We are fully operational during COVID19 and are building all custom orders!

Custom Made Isolation Booths

Voice Over

With many VO professionals around the world, Complete Iso Booths has developed the best options and add ons available for this exact profession!  Need to eliminate barking dogs?  Noisy neighbors?  No problem, our average unit blocks out 65DB in noise allowing you to work in peace and quiet!

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Multi Media and Phone Booths

Many companies like Amazon, Adobe and Say Media use our booths to allow their office workers a quiet and private place to take on Skype calls, close deals, 1 on 1 sessions and even for them to perform their own Voice Over and Audio Recordings for their clients!

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Music Production and Rehearsing

One of our most popular clients is of course, the musician.  Getting a booth that can function for your recording studio is important, making sure the talent is comfortable, in the zone and having fun is the primary focus aside from it blocking out the live sounds!

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From our clients

Very satisfied, have referred a lot of people to these guys!

Rob - California

Great business, pleasure to meet and will be ordering units at a regular pace for our HQ!

Amazon (Alexa)

Building a perfect home studio was the plan, and I couldn't have made a better decision with my booth!

Kid Ink